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Synthetic Intermediates

Ardilla has a capability to manufacture synthetic intermediates derived from the range of crystalline monosaccharides sugars we supply.

Synthetic Intermediates – Used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications

Carbohydrate derived Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are widely used and developed for various clinical indications such as viral infections, diabetes and oncology. In order to incorporate the desired carbohydrate moiety into an API the carbohydrate typically has to be chemically protected to allow for correct incorporation pathway into the drug molecule.

In addition to pharmaceutical applications synthetic sugar intermediates have various applications in biotechnology.

synthetic intermediates
Synthetic intermediates

Ardilla Synthetic Intermediates

Ardilla can manufacture several synthetic sugar intermediates in large scale. Depending on the application a relevant GMP level can be offered. Our synthetic intermediates are typically extremely high chemical purity products suited for the required application.

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Ardilla Synthetic Intermediates:
  • L-TAR
  • L-ATBR
  • D-XMA
  • L-XMA

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