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Our FlavourSol range of syrups are specifically designed for flavour and pet food applications, the products can be used individually or combined together and further with crystalline sugars suitable for these applications. This allows endless possibilities for a creative flavour scientist to develop new exciting products for food and pet food applications.

FlavourSol – Used in flavour and pet food applications

Several Rare Sugars have been used in flavour and pet food applications such as Maillard reaction flavours and pet food palatability enhancers for a long time. The issue has been in some cases the availability and price of some of these raw materials. Our FlavourSol range of products is designed to address this issue by introducing a range of innovative formulations allowing the flavour scientist access to these raw materials at a reasonable cost of use.

Key Features and Benefits of Ardilla FlavourSol syrups

Ardilla’s FlavourSol syrups are developed to be chemically and microbiologically stable for over two years giving excellent usability and shelf life.  All syrups have different composition allowing the flavour scientist to work with a tailor made approach to new flavour development.

The FlavourSol range brings natural sugars such as L-Arabinose, D-Xylose, L-Rhamnose and L-Fucose available in cost efficient and easy to use formulations. All FlavourSol syrups are natural, non-GMO and manufactured under highest quality control to ensure that the syrup compositions are always constant.

Ardilla FlavourSol Features:
  • Constant composition from batch to batch
  • Easy to use
  • Long shelf life
  • Chemically and microbiologically stable
  • Highly customised products

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